Shelf Life History

- Apr 11, 2018-

In 08 years, there are about 120 industrial shelves production enterprises in China. According to incomplete statistics, the storage shelf manufacturers in China have climbed to nearly 300 in 2011, and the storage industry has been developing continuously.

In 2005, the output value of the shelf was about 1 billion 200 million yuan, compared with the previous years.

In 2006, shelf life increased by more than 40% compared with 2005, but the output value increased little compared with that in 2005, and the market value of rack Market was about 1 billion 800 million yuan. In 2007, the total output was about 320 thousand tons and the output value was about 3 billion yuan. In 2008, the production of automatic warehouse (AS/RS) will be equal to that of 2007. Because of the price factor of steel, the output value of the shelf will increase by 1.25%. The output of the tray shelf and its extended shelf and shelf will increase by 1.2% than that in 2007. The output value will be due to the price factor of steel. The increase is 1.25%.

In 2009, shelf production increased by 1.48% over the past 09 years, which was relatively mild under the influence of the 08 economic crisis.

In 2010, because of the steel price factor increased by 1.21%, the local shelf manufacturers showed a trend of development. Only in 2010, more than 50 new shelf manufacturers were added, and the output value of the shelves would reach a new high.

In 2011, the price of steel increased by 1.5% compared with 09 years ago. All the large enterprises in all parts of the country recommended automation for the realization of modern warehousing of goods.