Shelf Equipment Function

- Apr 11, 2018-

Different types of shelves have different characteristics. High rack has the characteristics of good assembly, large load capacity and strong stability. Cold and hot steel plates are used for shelves. Corridor type shelf tray for storing large quantities of goods of similar design, also called channel type shelf. The tray is stored on the supporting rail one by one in depth direction, which increases the storage density and improves the utilization rate of the space. This kind of rack is usually used in expensive storage occasions, such as refrigerated warehouses. Corridor type shelf has 4 basic parts: frame, guide support, tray guide rail and a diagonal. The rack warehouse has high utilization rate, which can achieve first in first out or advanced in out. It is suitable for storing large quantities and fewer varieties of goods and batch operation. The maximum amount of storage can be provided with the minimum space. It is suitable for storing goods with large quantities and fewer varieties. The forklift can be directly transported into the cargo lane for goods to be accessed, and the operation is extremely convenient.