Purchase And Purchase Of Shelves

- Apr 11, 2018-

The choice of shelves depends on the type, size, weight and quantity of their products. Many kinds of light bulk products use light angle steel frame, carton type, box type products should be more selected in medium shelf or three column shelf, the shelf length from 1.2 meters can be 2.5 meters, single layer can put multiple boxes, turnover boxes, appliances. On the attic platform, there are some irregular products, large and lightweight products. Most of this product is too large, and the attic platform is originally a floor on the base of the original ground, which greatly saves the storage site and improves the utilization rate of the high altitude. The double deck attic shelf is mostly used for the storage of parts and the distribution Library of small items. The parts library and the heavy shelf are mostly used in the electronic products industry, paper industry, and various industries. The use of shelves should pay attention to the load-bearing performance of the shelves, and it can not be used over load. It is best to determine the weight of the products on the shelf. The use of display shelves is not easy to display overweight products. Supermarket shelves are mainly used to display products. Corner steel shelves are used to store more scattered products. A lightweight product. The main advantages are convenient to store and find products. The assembly is simple. The price is favorable; the medium-sized shelves are mostly used for storing boxes and larger items. Manual access to goods. The shelf structure is simple, the laminates can be selected, the steel plate or the wooden splint are used to place the goods. The same firm is used for the large and medium sized and small warehouses, as well as the production and the storage rooms.