Classification Of Shelves According To Applicability

- Apr 11, 2018-

Classification according to applicability

Shelf can be divided into general shelf and special shelf according to the applicability of shelf. According to the manufacturing material of shelves, steel shelves, reinforced concrete shelves, steel and steel reinforced concrete mixed shelves, wooden shelves, steel and wood combined shelves and so on. According to the degree of shelf closure, it can be divided into open shelves, semi closed shelves, closed shelves and so on. According to the structural characteristics, such as layered frame, layer rack, cabinet rack, drawer rack, cantilever rack, tripod and grid rack. According to the movable parts of shelves, fixed shelves, mobile shelves, rotary shelves, combined shelves, adjustable shelves, mobile storage shelves, etc. The shelf is divided into two separate systems: the shelf, the store shelf, the shelf structure, the shelf structure, the warehouse roof, the shed and the split structure.