Cigarette Display Cases

Cigarette Display Cases

Description: Freavon cigarette display cases is a great solution for you to display your cigarette cartons and packs in your retail environment. Freavon cigarette display cases can be customized based on your need and design...
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Product Details

Product Feature

The Cigarette Display Cases provides enough space to reach the bottle to reach the back. The top of the shelf has a small lip around the edge, lighters or other items. Due to the proper size and compact design, it can be placed everywhere in order to help release space when not in use.


Product Description

The Cigarette Display Cases realize the function of maximizing retail countertops,  with elegance and efficiency. This multi-level display is perfect for cigarettes, blunts packages or cigars. Due to the high performance, it will be an ideal facility widely used for professional display ZIG sawn, royal blunts, white owl, Dutch master, phillies blunts, optimos, K2, real blunts, game blunts, CYCLONE jacket, swisher dessert, black and mild, Garcia Vega and other brands. Made of  thick acrylic, it  has enough pulsing items to approach your cash register. 


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