Precautions for shelf installation

- Apr 11, 2018-

Shelf installation attention:

1, rack general installation and acceptance, ensure quality and safety, promote technological progress and improve economic efficiency, formulate this specification.

2, the installation of the shelves should be constructed according to the diagram. If there is any discrepancy between the site and the design during construction, it should be put forward in time, and can be built after approval.

3. The various measurement and testing instruments, instruments, instruments and equipment used in the installation of the shelves should be in accordance with the current regulations of the state. The precision grade is not less than the precision grade of the installation requirements.

4, the concealed works before the shelf installation should be inspected before the project is concealed. After that, the construction can be continued.

5. Self inspection should be carried out in the installation of the shelves.

6, shelf installation construction, except for the implementation of this code, should be in line with the national (industry) standards.